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Tag: Latina

Brazzers Exxtra – Abella Danger

Abella Danger – Abella The Sinner
Released: December 31, 2020
Size: 1302 MB | Duration: 50 min | Video: 1920×1080, 3667 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎114 kbits/s
An ass twerking Abella Danger, dressed in black lingerie and fishnets, waits on her hands and knees for Johnny Sins to come and feed her his big dick. Abella can’t get enough of Johnny’s hard cock, slowly sucking every inch before he pounds her pussy with it! But Abella won’t be fully content until she tastes Johnny’s cum too, and thankfully for this sultry sinner, he’s got a lot to give!
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Dirty Masseur – Tru Kait

Tru Kait – Masseur’s Eye View
Released: December 29, 2020
Size: 1493 MB | Duration: 39 min | Video: 1920×1080, 5389 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎119 kbits/s
See life through the eyes of Erik Everhard, a lucky masseur. Erik has an appointment with neglected housewife Tru Kait. Kait is annoyed that her husband sent her to the spa by herself for her birthday, instead of offering to do something as a couple. Erik promises that his massage will be worth it and gets to work; rubbing her back, feet ass and tits. Kait is turned on by the physical contact and implores Erik to give her what her husband won’t… by finishing the massage with a good fucking.
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Brazzers Exxtra – Katrina Moreno

Katrina Moreno – Domestic Stripping
Released: December 12, 2020
Size: 1489 MB | Duration: 32 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6544 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎137 kbits/s
The unbelievably hot Katrina Moreno takes it all off in her Brazzers debut, working the pole from the comfort of home for her man Jordi, and you get to enjoy it from El Polla Nino’s POV! Katrina’s tight naked body makes the perfect canvas for a bottle of oil, and she knows how to titfuck a huge cock like Jordi’s with her big boobs! Whether you already knew Katrina Moreno or not, you’ll certainly never forget her now!
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Sex Mex – Sol Raven

Sol Raven – The Love nurse
Released: December 10, 2020
Size: 791 MB | Duration: 26 min | Video: 1920×1080, 4298 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎243 kbits/s
This nurse has the gift of tongues, heals the sick, and makes the paralyzed walk. She lives to serve.
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Real Wife Stories – Luna Star

Luna Star – Fuck Me My Meeting
Released: December 8, 2020
Size: 1139 MB | Duration: 26 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6087 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎125 kbits/s
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Ass Parade – Rose Monroe & Lilith Morningstar

Rose Monroe & Lilith Morningstar – The Big Booty Sweet Tooth
Released: November 23, 2020
Size: 1834 MB | Duration: 42 min | Video: 1280×720, 6070 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 32000 Hz, ‎46 kbits/s
The legendary Rose Monroe is here today with a beautiful newcomer, Lilith Morningstar. Obviously with some asses like this, you already know what time it is. Ass Parade O’Clock! They flaunt their amazing asses for us and then we hear Preston Parker. He rides over to us as the Ice Cream man, and he rubs their huge booties full of sweet oil and sprinkles. It’s the perfect desert! They get back to the house, clean up, and they sit on his face and fuck him together like never before. He can hardly keep himself from nutting, and we don’t blame him…have you SEEN the booties on these girls?
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RK Prime – Winter Jade

Winter Jade – Gimme Your Ahegao Face
Released: November 23, 2020
Size: 1308 MB | Duration: 28 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6498 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s
Winter Jade tells her boyfriend Ricky Johnson that she’s too busy to fuck around, but as soon as she feels his fingers on her tight pussy she clears her schedule and switches to full-on nympho mode. Winter’s face shows how much she loves the way Ricky touches her, and when she’s got a mouth full of his thick cock you can tell she’s transcending to a different plane of pleasure entirely. It’s when Ricky’s cock is buried deep in her pretty pink pussy that she’s the happiest, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she begs him to keep on fucking her until she’s totally overwhelmed with bliss. Ricky lets Winter ride his dick while her booty and tits bounce until she finally gets what she wants in a big creamy facial all over her ahegao face.
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Sex Mex – Vika Borja

Vika Borja – Sexual Bargain
Released: November 23, 2020
Size: 1078 MB | Duration: 35 min | Video: 1920×1080, 4247 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎249 kbits/s
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Got Mylf – Carolina Cortez

Carolina Cortez – I’ll Come Back For More
Released: November 20, 2020
Size: 1798 MB | Duration: 21 min | Video: 1920×1080, 12119 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎96 kbits/s
Carolina Cortez is a latin beauty with very attractive attributes, and after getting oiled and prepped, is Tony’s job to put this girl to the test. Needless to say, Carolina will end up begging to come back for more.
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Sex Mex – La Pecosa

La Pecosa – Cheating on blind husband
Released: November 20, 2020
Size: 773 MB | Duration: 25 min | Video: 1920×1080, 4257 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎221 kbits/s
This poor visually impaired trusts his wife blindly, unaware that she’s a slutty bitch who likes to get fucked by other men.
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