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Tag: Ebony

Cherry Pimps – Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace – Hazel Cums Hard And Loves The Pile Driver
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 2243 MB | Duration: 60 min | Video: 1280×720, 5217 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎195 kbits/s
Hazel Grace is not shy about letting you look up her short skirt teasing you with that sexy booty in her little pink thong panties. Don’t you worry those panties will be coming off soon so you can see that beautiful shaved pussy in all og its glory. She is so wet for Donnie and loves how he intimately caresses her pussy making her cum hard right there before she even sees his cock! Once he springs to attention Hazel is on her knees taking him all the way down her throat! She wants to fuck and cum some more. Just how many times can Donnie please this babe before he cums all over that face?!? Archive from 10-09-2020 5pm LIVE show!
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Jacquie Et Michel TV – Swann

Swann – 22 Years Old – Waitress in Grenoble!
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 1020 MB | Duration: 39 min | Video: 1920×1080, 3615 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎96 kbits/s
It is a pretty mixed race with a beautiful face that our team picks up at Saint-Charles station in Marseille. Swann, 22, comes straight from Grenoble, with the desire to explore the world of porn by shooting a video with us. Waitress in the city of Isère, she gives us an overview of her experiences, which are already rather interesting … Indeed, she knows well the clubs and debauchery, even if she is now single. Small size but with a nice 90C, the Franco-Congolese young lady definitely felt ready to taste the caliber of one of our lads, and why not also show all her talents in terms of anal …
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Adult Time – Kira Noir & Eliza Ibarra

Kira Noir & Eliza Ibarra – Spoiled By Your Princess
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 2168 MB | Duration: 39 min | Video: 1920×1080, 7786 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎192 kbits/s
Have you ever watched an ASMR video and your scalp wasn’t the ONLY thing pleasantly tingling?

If you’ve ever experienced a pleasant tingling, usually starting at the scalp, when hearing a certain sound, you probably experienced Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Everyone experiences it differently. For example, some people love the sound of crinkling paper, fingernails drumming, or soft whispering. In fact, people love these sounds so much that ASMRtists create content featuring just about every sound imaginable! But there are a special few out there right here on ASMR Fantasy that take their content to the next level…

Kira Noir returns home to show you the gifts she bought herself just to show off for you! She’s sweet and sensual as she goes through the rustling bags and crinkling papers, taking out gift after gift. First, she flirtily shows you her new makeup, wetly applying new lip gloss to her supple lips and brushing her face with a new makeup brush. Then, she breaks out sexy lingerie, which promises that there will be some sexy fun later… But she has one more gift in store… You see, she made a new friend, Eliza Ibarra, at the mall and decided to bring her home to meet you, too…

This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, fabric rustling sounds, paper rustling sounds, wet sounds, brushing sounds, snapping sounds, binaural/3D audio. continue reading…

Teen Curves – Adriana Maya

Adriana Maya – Oiled and Prepped
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 2639 MB | Duration: 30 min | Video: 1920×1080, 12112 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎96 kbits/s
Adriana Maya is feeling herself, showing off her best features, getting oiled up and prepped for a good time. When Duncan Saint joins her, Adriana will show off all of her skills.
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Brown Bunnies – Sarai Minx

Sarai Minx – The Special Fucking Treatment
Released: September 20, 2020
Size: 1650 MB | Duration: 38 min | Video: 1280×720, 5997 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 32000 Hz, ‎46 kbits/s
Sarai Minx requires a good rub. Her Friend recommended Preston Parker. He has a “Special Treatment” for his clients. He Rubs her tight pussy. She enjoys his touch, moaning with every motion. She grabs him by the pants and rips it open. His giant boner pops out. She starts to gag on his cock. She begs to get fucked and he happy to satisfy the demand. He starts pounding away, She’s practically screaming in ecstasy. He buts his thick nut all over her face. Another satisfied customer.
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Turning Twistys – Jenna Foxx & Joanna Angel

Jenna Foxx & Joanna Angel – Wet Like Me
Released: September 19, 2020
Size: 951 MB | Duration: 26 min | Video: 1920×1080, 5203 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎208 kbits/s
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Mr. Lucky POV – Alexis Tae

Alexis Tae – Alexis Tae Loves To Play
Released: September 18, 2020
Size: 1973 MB | Duration: 30 min | Video: 1920×1080, 9243 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎127 kbits/s
Alexis Tae is tall, lean, fit and sexy from the front, yet, when she turned around and shakes that delicious, round booty your realize she is one of the best sluts you can find. She enjoys shaking her ass in the ball pit before sucking and fucking in the colorful play pen. With a bright and bubbly personality and a tight wet hole she rides cock like no other. This kinky girl isn’t your average fuck toy, she has plenty of kinks, including her feet being used. She uses her large soft soles to stroke this dick until its cums all over her feet and toes. She loves being naughty and wants you to watch.
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Pascals Sub Sluts – Alyssa Divine

Alyssa Divine – The perfect fuck
Released: September 18, 2020
Size: 1112 MB | Duration: 44 min | Video: 1920×1080, 3512 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎127 kbits/s
Alyssa shot with us further back in 2015. She was one of our original SubSluts, #18 to be exact. Then she disappeared for a while. Apparently she tried “going legit” – working upright and clothed, maybe in an office somewhere, not having orgasms. But we all know what that’s like – intolerably boring. So here she is, eager to get back at it with degenerates such as ourselves, doing what comes natural.

We jump right into it – so set-up, no role play. We put this gorgeous, fun-sized slut on a couch, in comes Pascal, and within minutes his cock is deep inside her throat. continue reading…

Porn Fidelity – Tina Fire

Tina Fire – She’s On Fire
Released: September 18, 2020
Size: 2540 MB | Duration: 43 min | Video: 1364×720, 8291 kbits/s, 60.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎317 kbits/s
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Rocco Siffredi – Zaawaadi, Malena Nazionale & Cherry Kiss

Zaawaadi, Malena Nazionale & Cherry Kiss – My Name is Zaawaadi – Part 4
Released: September 17, 2020
Size: 756 MB | Duration: 57 min | Video: 1280×720, 1859 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎160 kbits/s
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