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Tag: Boyfriend

RK Prime – Veronica Leal

Veronica Leal – A Pussy In My Man Cave
Released: December 29, 2020
Size: 735 MB | Duration: 33 min | Video: 1920×1080, 3161 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎132 kbits/s
Raul Costa and his sexy girlfriend, Veronica Leal, just moved to a smaller house. Raul NEEDS a man cave, and since there’s no basement in their new place, he settles for a modest spot under the dining room table. Veronica isn’t aware of this. Hidden under the tablecloth, Raul spies on Girl1’s stunning legs. When topless Veronica sits at the table, she gets more than what she bargained for. Her pussy just invited itself in Raul’s man cave? You bet the lucky boyfriend will have fun with his new guest.
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Stay Home POV – Brooklyn Gray

Brooklyn Gray – Accidental Stream
Released: December 13, 2020
Size: 2726 MB | Duration: 62 min | Video: 1280×720, 6114 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎96 kbits/s
Fitness vlogger Brooklyn Gray decides to film a ‘stay @ home’ workout video for her audience, and boyfriend Mike Mancini is willing to help her get all the best angles. After she’s done, he persuades her to film something a little more intimate now.
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RK Prime – Winter Jade

Winter Jade – Gimme Your Ahegao Face
Released: November 23, 2020
Size: 1308 MB | Duration: 28 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6498 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎129 kbits/s
Winter Jade tells her boyfriend Ricky Johnson that she’s too busy to fuck around, but as soon as she feels his fingers on her tight pussy she clears her schedule and switches to full-on nympho mode. Winter’s face shows how much she loves the way Ricky touches her, and when she’s got a mouth full of his thick cock you can tell she’s transcending to a different plane of pleasure entirely. It’s when Ricky’s cock is buried deep in her pretty pink pussy that she’s the happiest, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she begs him to keep on fucking her until she’s totally overwhelmed with bliss. Ricky lets Winter ride his dick while her booty and tits bounce until she finally gets what she wants in a big creamy facial all over her ahegao face.
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Sex Mex – Diosa Victoria

Diosa Victoria – Sex with her son in law Diosa Victoria
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 1081 MB | Duration: 36 min | Video: 1920×1080, 4247 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎239 kbits/s
Victoria and her husband finally meet their daughter Sasha’s new boyfriend. They are delighted with the young man because he is a gynecologist and clearly seems he is a catch. Victoria asks her for a routine check-up in which they both get horny and end up fucking.
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Brazzers Exxtra – Canela Skin

Canela Skin – Anal Sex Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 1791 MB | Duration: 38 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6507 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎131 kbits/s
Canela Skin likes to keep her place clean, but unfortunately for her, her boyfriend Jordi ENP – a real man of leisure – is a total slob – and a horny one at that. Although Canela’s thick, juicy ass proves tempting as she vacuums, Jordi has no interest in getting up off the couch, where he’s enjoying a box of cookies and tall glass of milk. With Canela forced to vacuum around Jordi, he clearly enjoys the proximity to her tits and ass a little too much, leading to him sticking his finger right up Canela’s ass as she cleans! Despite her initial annoyance, Canela is eager to take every inch of Jordi’s cock right up her ass, and once they’re actually fucking and Canela is squirting, Jordi proves to be a surprisingly capable multi-tasker.
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Team Skeet X Club Sweethearts – Alexa Rovento

Alexa Rovento – Pro Gamer Skills
Released: September 21, 2020
Size: 4749 MB | Duration: 26 min | Video: 3840×2160, 25144 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎189 kbits/s
Alexa Rovento wants to play with her boyfriend Oliver Trunk but he’s too focused on his stupid phone game. After what Alexa will do to him though, he’ll soon be using those skillful fingers on something better.
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Dirty Masseur – Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova – White Yoga Pants: Remastered
Released: September 20, 2020
Size: 1303 MB | Duration: 23 min | Video: 1920×1080, 7799 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎134 kbits/s
We have another blast from Brazzers past: The sexy and sweet Mia Malkova is wearing a timeless white yoga outfit and being put through a tough workout by trainer Richie Black. Mia is sore after the workout and Richie insists on helping out by massaging her. Mia’s a bit surprised at first, but she’s not going to turn down a free massage by her hunky trainer. Richie has more than Mia’s calf muscles on his mind, soon oiling up her booty and ripping her yoga pants. What follows is one of the most flexible fucks we’ve ever showcased on Brazzers, with Richie bending Mia in all sorts of ways! Mia is thrilled to get this extra bang for her buck… as long as her boyfriend doesn’t find out.
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Stay Home POV – Kim Rose

Kim Rose – Popsicle Game
Released: September 20, 2020
Size: 1837 MB | Duration: 42 min | Video: 1280×720, 6113 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎96 kbits/s
During quarantine, Ben Wolf realizes that her hot roommate Kim Rose had broken off with her boyfriend. He then makes up a fun game designed to give her exactly what her boyfriend couldn’t.
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Black Ambush – Jane Rogers

Jane Rogers – 22 Years Old
Released: September 19, 2020
Size: 1429 MB | Duration: 91 min | Video: 768×432, 2196 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎93 kbits/s
You saw Jane pop her anal cherry on BackroomCastingCouch, you saw her getting good and fucked on ExploitedCollegeGirls (not to mention a threeway cumfest too!), so what hasn’t this 22 year old stripper turned pornstar wannabe done? Taken a big black cock is what, and you know what that means, it’s ambush time! We sent our man Jay out to the ranch to pick her up (yes, ranch) and after a few dusty miles she was waiting there with her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend). He’s not crazy about Jane fucking…
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RK Prime – Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot – RK At Home: Don’t Fuck With Vanna
Released: September 19, 2020
Size: 899 MB | Duration: 17 min | Video: 1920×1080, 7447 kbits/s, 23.98 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎151 kbits/s
Do not break hot brunette Vanna Bardot’s heart. The twisted girl knows exactly how and when to serve revenge. Her ex boyfriend didn’t know what he was getting into when he broke up with her via text. Vanna breaks in her ex place and shoots a dirty video that will surely make him regret leaving her. The girl has a splendid body and loves to show it off. She makes good use of her dildo to remind the unlucky man what exactly he’s missing.
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