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Gangbang Creampie – Jenna Clove

Jenna Clove – G278
Released: November 20, 2020
Size: 2637 MB | Duration: 58 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6384 kbits/s, 59.94 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, β€Ž317 kbits/s
Jenna’s birthday party starts off with a bang, a gangbang, that is! Instead of blowing out the candles, Jenna blows her Cocksmen on either side of her while Randy eats her cake. Actually it’s more of a muffin, but close enough. It’s strawberry flavored to match her hair (even though her muffin doesn’t have any on it). Her Baywatch bathing suit gets ripped to pieces, appropriately leaving Jenna in just her birthday suit. No slow starts for this pleasure whore (her words), Jenna gets pounded hard on the first round with all her FIVE COCKSMEN. Randy gives her some birthday spankings as she flips over for spit-roasting. Next Jenna uses the birthday balloons Chris brought as pillows while she rides on top of him…

While Rex continues to pound her on the pedestal, the rest of the Cocksmen lay out a birthday tarp on the floor for Jenna’s DOUBLE VAG fucking. Scotty and Randy double-stuff her first while she sucks on David Lee. She goes back to one cock at a time briefly, then begs to eat somebody’s ass. Randy is only too happy to oblige. Jenna flips over to take more double dicking in the same hole from the other side. Scotty and Chris double choke her, not to mention double-stuff her, then all the Cocksmen rotate through in various combos of two at once inside Jenna. Next Chris breaks out the party favors and handcuffs Jenna to the bench. Scotty P. reenacts his signature “S.P.” move while she is happily chained in doggie. Once Jenna is released from her bondage, Chris throws her back up on the pedestal and drops the first creampie in Jenna’s well-fucked hole. After admitting she has a little crush on the guy with the ponytail, Randy creampies Jenna next after giving it to her froggy-style. Scotty blows a load on Jenna’s face to give it to her from both sides. Randy starts banging Jenna again on the floor while she gets not one, but two feet on her head, just like she asked. Jenna is in naughty girl heaven. After she gets back up on the pedestal, Rex loads her up with creampie #3 before David pounds #4 into her. Jenna sloshes her increasingly full pussy on the bench to see what noises she can make with it filled up. Quite a lot, it turns out. The Cocksmen continue to fuck her all around the bench until Chris picks her up for some WALL-FUCKING. Jenna is only 4’11”, but they make it work. Jenna’s gangbang closes out with us figuring out what could be left for her return. She says she wants butt stuff next time! That means we have to have her back. continue reading…

Gangbang Creampie – Zoe Sparx

Zoe Sparx – G275
Released: October 23, 2020
Size: 1469 MB | Duration: 33 min | Video: 1920×1080, 6322 kbits/s, 29.97 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, β€Ž317 kbits/s
That shiny leotard made it difficult for anybody to check the oil during GREET THE MEAT, so Randy makes up for that first thing once Zoe is up on the pedestal and dives between her legs with his tongue. She seems very appreciative, but also very distracted with four other cocks to take care of around her. With no time wasted, she gets one in her mouth and in each hand while her pink pussy gets naturally lubed up orally. Zoe even takes care of Scotty’s dick with her feet in those opening moments. After he gets his foot jollies in, Scotty is the first to sink his torpedo deep into Zoe. All the other Cocksmen make their rounds too. Chris gives her his signature “no stroke” move for his first time back in her tightness…

After those first few missionary rounds are through, Zoe flips over to get spit-roasted between Scotty and Randy for a while. Her mouth becomes a drool factory the more cocks she takes down her throat as she makes the pedestal into a Slip-N-Slide again. Next it’s time for some rides as Zoe hops up on Chris in cowgirl. She delights in all the ass smacks she gets as she rides him to her first orgasm. Zoe told us in her interview she is one of those girls who takes a minute to reach her first “O,” but once she gets there, the floodgates are open. The rest of the Cocksmen rotate through rides in cowgirl and reverse before she moves to the floor for some doggie; however, we’re renaming it “piggy” just for today in honor of Zoe. She even squeals a little and winds up turning Eddie on. He gets turned on enough, in fact, that Mr. Jaye drops creampie #1 in Zoe this way. Next Chris brings in a pillow so Zoe can do some lazy doggi– uh, lazy piggie on her stomach. Scotty deposits load #2 into Zoe in that position. Randy puts her back on the bench to pound creampie #3 into her throbbing pussy, much to Zoe’s delight. Chris drops next, followed by Rex for the biggest load yet to make her cum collection complete. Zoe is leaving the Gangbang Station a VERY happy girl, even happier than after her first gangbang. Do you want Zoey back to see what she can do with a third go-round? Start typing in those comments below and give us your opinions. We’ll hire some temporary help so we can wade through all the messages, then we’ll have them mop up the floors before next week’s Gangbang Queen arrives. continue reading…

Gangbang Creampie – Liz

Liz – G267
Released: August 14, 2020
Size: 927 MB | Duration: 41 min | Video: 1280×720, 3128 kbits/s, 29.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, β€Ž128 kbits/s
We already played “Guess the V” with 19-year-old newcomer Liz during her interview, so now it’s time for another game. In this game, Will Tile is going to see if he can reach all the way to Liz’s bellybutton on the outside with his man-hammer. Not only does he reach it, but he passes it and makes it up to the button on her Daisy Dukes. This is going to be a BIG day for Liz. Remember, it’s her FIRST TIME with a more than one guy, first multiple creampie experience, and first time with guys of different ethnicities. ..

Way to jump in with both feet, Liz! Before Will or any of the other Cocksmen jump in to Liz with their oversized pool noodles, it’s time for them to payback all the work Liz did on them during GREET THE MEAT by playing some GREET THE PLEATS with her. Chris is the first to taste her once she’s up on the pedestal. Since he won “Guess the V” this week, he also gets to be the first one to sample Liz’s soft, pink bits with his dipstick. Liz is one of those girls with a creamy pussy who makes her own lube. It gets all over Chris’s dick while Scotty and Randy simultaneously dick slap her tits. Scotty gives Liz her first of many orgasms today. She’s not even through the first round yet! Liz is a leg shaker when she gets her bell rung. Watch for those sexy shakes throughout her gangbang. Mr. Denmark starts working her clit with his finger while he fucks her for her second orgasm. Her body shined up like a new penny, Liz is ready to take some rides. Chris gets all the mileage out of his “Guess the V” win and gives the first ride of the day to a very willing Liz. He rings her bell for the third time before the first creampie has even penetrated her sugar walls. Next she flips around reverse for a Randy Ride. Jon Rogue is back to try out some new tricks. He takes her for a sidesaddle ride before Chris straddles her over the bench and drops the first creampie in Liz. Soon after Will follows suit for load #2. Randy decides to switch up the action to the floor and shoots creampie #3 womb-ward in Ms. Liz. Chris wants to use gravity to make some room and get all that cum to ooze out of her, so he brings back a fan favorite and wall fucks her. Scotty thinks that looks like a good idea so he deposits load #4 the same way. Finally it’s an official welcome back to Jon Rogue with a monster #RogueLoad all over Liz’s pretty face. To wrap things up, Chris plank fucks her while Will plants one more load on her face. What a debut gangbang for Liz! We’re not even putting this one to a vote; she needs to come back. We do need your feedback, though, of what you want to see her do next time. Tell us in the comments and we’ll see if we can get her back here before she votes for the first time. Don’t forget to check back next week to see whose ballot box is getting stuffed on the WORLD’S BEST FIRST GANGBANG. continue reading…